Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 22: Wherein I Commit an Act of Violence

Never have I harbored so much hatred for an inanimate object.  The manufacturer of my scale may say Conair but I know from whence it truly comes... the bowels of hell.  There is a little demon who lives in my scale and just loves to taunt me. 
My Scale - Possibly PhotoShopped

This morning's workout was not so good.  Oh, I did the Lower Body exercises but I just didn't have any energy.  I'm wondering if it's because I did it too late in the morning in a still fasting state.  It's one thing to do a pre-breakfast workout soon after getting up.  But to put off breakfast until 11:00am because you can't get to the gym until 10:00am may not be such a good idea.

I tried on the size 8 dress that now zips but doesn't quite fit.  Since I can't trust that demonically possessed scale, I'm looking for other ways to measure progress.  So I'll keep trying on the dress every couple of weeks.  I also tried on some skirts that I could not get up past my thighs last summer.  They fit perfectly!  That will be nice for our vacation next month.

Size 8 - In Need of a Sweater or Shawl!


  1. Seriously! I hate that evil scale! I had my husband hide mine so I can't weigh myself. I will feel so good and then weigh myself and get so down! So I am just trying to focus on how I am feeling...which is great!! Good luck to you in this journey!

  2. I love your blog, you make me laugh, probably because you are just as sarcastic as me lol. I love the scale pic. Stay focused, over time you will own this program ;)